May 19, 2024

One of the first things that physiotherapists do in the first appointment is to assess the injury. The question that often follows is, “how many physiotherapy sessions will I need before I get better?”

A definite answer to this question is normally difficult because of the several factors involved. We will examine these factors in this blog. But first, we will briefly explain what happens in an initial appointment. Here’s what happens when you visit a physiotherapy clinic in Oakville for your first appointment:

Physiotherapy sessions will I need

The physiotherapist will begin by asking you questions about the injury. These may include how long ago you were injured, where do you feel the ache or pain, etc. They will enquire about your past medical history and, possibly, ask to see any past tests or X-rays. 

A physical assessment will follow, which may include:

  • Checking your posture
  • Assessing your reflexes
  • Any other physical check based on your complaints

These assessments will be thorough. So expect several questions and instructions, especially during the physical check.

After these, the physiotherapist then recommends treatment(s) based on their evaluation. 

How many sessions will I need?

The number of physiotherapy sessions you will need will depend on the following:

  1. The diagnosis 

The physiotherapist will examine the injuries to come up with a diagnosis. Their evaluation determines what to include in your treatment plan. Physiotherapy can involve several treatments ranging from physical exercises to shockwave therapy. In some cases, neurological rehab might be recommended. These will influence the time and length of your treatment. 

  1. The seriousness of the injury

Injuries are sometimes categorized into minor, chronic, or soft tissues. Minor injuries will obviously not require many sessions. At most, three sessions will be all you need. In some cases, your first appointment will be enough. Some homework and advice may follow. But you may not need to return to the clinic. A soft tissue injury may require regular visits with the physiotherapist for up to 8 weeks. That is the time length in which soft tissues heal. Chronic pains can take months of physio sessions, depending on the patient’s commitment and progress rate.

  1. Commitment to your recovery 

The physiotherapist may recommend home exercises and diet changes, depending on the injury. Patients who follow their doctor’s advice usually recover faster. Showing full commitment to your recovery can hasten the process.

Final remark

Another major influence is the physiotherapist’s skills and experience. Complications can arise in some chronic cases, which can make it tough to identify the cause of the pain. In such cases, it will take a highly experienced physiotherapist to identify and prescribe the appropriate treatment(s) quickly. Even with such highly skilled physicians, it may still be almost impossible to tell exactly how many sessions will be needed for a full recovery. However, you will be able to tell once you start getting better. The pain will lessen or disappear. Motion and strength will increase. And you will know that your physiotherapy sessions are drawing to an end.