July 24, 2024

Have you ever considered what happens when a home’s septic tank becomes smelly or makes strange noises? At times, this system may be full of gases, causing it to become odorous and problematic. Here is what to do if you have something like this going on in your home septic system:

 Septic Tank

Gas Build-Up Symptoms Identification

Horrible Smells

If your septic tank smells around something like rotten eggs, there could be gas buildup. This gas must be corrected since it can be hazardous.

Gurgling Sounds

If you hear non-standard sounds of gurgling in the toilet bowls or sinks, then it probably means that gas is stuck in the pipes. As such, one should know that their attention should immediately be directed towards the septic tank.

Slow Drainage or Backups

For instance, you might realize that water takes a long time to go down your sink. There could also be backups on sinks and toilets, most likely caused by gas buildup. This is a serious issue and must be addressed by professionals like wastewater treatment services.


Avoid Flames

Don’t light a fire or play with matches close to septic tanks because they have many types of combustible gases inside them. It is crucial to keep this area secure.

Proper Ventilation

Before checking or fixing the septic tank, ensure that there is fresh air within its vicinity. Open windows and doors so that any bad air goes out, ensuring safety.

Use Protective Gear

Wear gloves and masks when working near these systems to protect oneself against injurious gases. By wearing protective clothing, one is guaranteed safety from any hazards.

Causes of Gas Buildup

Insufficient Ventilation

Inadequate fresh air for the septic tank means it cannot release some gases. Therefore, proper ventilation must be done to keep the system functioning well and prevent gas buildup.

Overloading with Waste

If much waste is dumped into the septic tank, the whole system may fail to break down what it contains completely. This will result in gas buildup since the storage tank will work beyond its capacity as it attempts to handle excess waste.

Pipe Blockage

Sometimes, pipes going through these tanks could be blocked, thus hindering the flow of gases. In such cases, this blockage can cause gases to build up, hence problems in your system.

Immediate Actions

Ventilate Area

Open windows and doors so fresh air come in and lousy air goes out. This will help everyone stay safer by reducing gas buildup within the environment.

Avoid Flushing Toilets

To avoid adding more pressure into your septic tank, refrain from flushing toilets or using water until this issue gets fixed. Such a move prevents this problem from worsening any further.

Contact Professional

 A septic tank service should be called upon to review their system issues. They will determine why gas has built up and rectify it properly. It’s important to consult experts who would fix this problem once and for all.

DIY Remedies

Septic-Safe Enzyme Treatment

One can use unique treatments on one’s own, which have helpful enzymes. They effectively break down waste in septic tanks, providing better conditions for them not to accumulate with organic matter, leading to gas build-up.

Unclog Vent Pipe Blockages

Ensure no obstructions in pipes serve as an outlet for gases from the septic tank. This will reduce the possibility of gas buildup by clearing the blockage and allowing gases to exit freely.

Professional Help

Licensed Septic Tank Service

When it comes to hiring people who are qualified to deal with septics, it is essential. They can examine all aspects of the system for any problems leading to gas build-up, which they will fix accordingly. They perform the maintenance necessary to keep everything working fine.

Vent Pipe Extension or Filter

Experts may also suggest adding an extension piece on top of the vent pipe, while others may put a filter in place. These measures prevent the accumulation of gasses by improving circulation, hence making the filtration process effective for purification purposes.

Adherence To The Scheduled Servicing

Always obey recommended maintenance schedules by professionals. This way, you can ensure that there is no future gas buildup or other issues because septic systems remain in optimum shape.


Check blockages, use treatments, and get help from professionals. All this will help you maintain an appropriately functioning septic system without inconveniences. Always remember that precautionary measures should be taken so as not to experience similar cases later on, and regularity checks must also be done. For further guidance or assistance on home maintenance matters, please feel free to contact us at any time.