July 23, 2024

Everyone needs the best attic insulation for their house to lower their bill and maintain a constant temperature at home. We are here for you if you are looking for the best attic insulation. This article will cover different types of attic insulation with their pros and cons.

It’s challenging to decide which is the best, but it depends on the purchaser’s priority. So, without any delays, let’s start.

R-value of a material: 

First of all, you should know what R-value is. The R-value of a material is its capacity to prevent heat loss and maintain its temperature. Following are the factors that affect the R-value of a material:

  • Material’s density
  • Thickness
  • Way of its installation
  • Type of material used

It means that for a material with a higher R-value, the highest is the capacity of an insulator to hold the heat inside it. 

Types of attic insulation:

Following are some of the types of attic insulations:


The raw material usually used to make cellulose insulation is recycled paper or wood. They are also known as green products. 

Following are the cons of cellulose insulation:

  • It can easily catch fire.
  • Easily gets wet. It absorbs moisture more efficiently than any other type of attic insulation. This decreases its effectiveness. The humidity will cause the growth of mould, and it even rots.
  • It sags with time, meaning it doesn’t have a longer shelf life. 
  • It creates dust when installed, which can cause respiratory issues, especially in asthma patients.


It is the most popular type of attic insulation. It doesn’t have excellent quality, but it is famous because if it’s following characteristics:

  • Fire-resistance
  • Insects don’t nibble on it
  • Cheap
  • Resist moisture. That’s why it is preferred in areas with high humidity
  • R-value ranges from 2.2-4.3 
  • Eco friendly

Here are the cons of fibreglass insulation:

  • Risk of injury
  • Cause growth of mould if gets moisture in it
  • Rodents often penetrate in it

Mineral wool:

It has an R-value of 3.3. Here are some excellent pros:

  • It doesn’t catch fire even at the temperature of 18000 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • It is also a water-resistant insulator that removes your worries about getting mould in the house. 
  • The best part is that it makes the house kind of soundproof. If you have the noise of the street, this insulator is for you!

Following are the cons of mineral wool insulation:

  • It is costly
  • It can cause cancer if inhaled during installation.

Cotton insulation:

It is made from the recycling of blue jeans. Also known as denim insulators. Here are some of the pros of cotton or denim insulators:

  • Have an R-value of 3.5
  • It is safe to install and doesn’t cause respiratory or dust issues. But they are one of the most expensive attic insulators.


There are various types of attic insulation in mississauga. The choice of a person varies, and so are the best insulators. The R values and requirements of the customer. We hope that the article helped in choosing a good insulator. Happy attic installation!